Do not block this IP address! This is a censorship circumvention proxy!

Не блокируйте этот IP-адрес! Это прокси для обхода цензуры!

This proxy server is a part of AntiZapret censorship circumvention service for Russian users.

If you see lots of requests to your website from this IP address, this means that either your website (domain name) or IP address of your hosting got blocked in Russia by Russian government, and has been automatically added to censorship circumvention list of AntiZapret service.

AntiZapret is used by hundreds of thousands happy users every day. Please do not block this proxy server.

If your website uses non-encrypted HTTP, you can use X-Forwarded-For header which is injected by proxy server and contains real client IP address.

Want to allow access from AntiZapret to your website?

Consider white-listing all IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) from the following domains:

Please do not resolve the addresses manually to add static IPs into firewall, as the addresses may and will change. Add the whole domains in the white list or dynamically resolve the IP addresses once a day.

Your service getting abused?

Contact me at with detailed information: your service/website domain, IP address of abusing requests, detailed time/date, etc.

Interested in which websites are blocked in Russia?

Check (ru) by Roscomsvoboda, (en) by Philipp Kulin, by ValdikSS.